Kristin Gilzean Photography | About
Hi, I'm Kristin and thanks for checking out my website! I grew up in Marion, MA. went to college in California, met my husband in Australia, and lived in Vancouver, BC for several years before moving back to the East Coast in 2008. I love to travel, ski, run, and spend time outdoors with my husband and our little guy Evan and baby girl, Zoe. I work part-time as a Boston based photographer who loves capturing the beauty of the every day and I have found few subjects more interesting than children and families. That's probably because I have worked with children for my entire career (in education and social work and also as a nanny) and find every child and every family to be uniquely beautiful. I strive to make my portrait sessions to be as fun and relaxed as possible so that I am able to catch a glimpse of the genuine to be able to give people images that become part of their treasured family history. Photos have that magical ability to capture time and preserve it. Childhood is so fleeting and I want to help families have those photos that really capture just how gorgeous their children are.